Magic Beans

A few years ago I had a funny 'little' idea. I would make a song cycle that told the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. I wrote two songs and played them for my little one. She liked them. 

Well, like many funny 'little' ideas I have, the songs sat in a dusty corner for a long time after that. In some sense the songs were like Jack's Magic Beans. They were strange things that didn't seem all that...oh, what's the word...'useful.' I kind of chucked them into the back yard of my life and forgot about them.

A few months ago I came across these ditties and played them for a mysterious stranger named Jacob Silver. He put his ear to these funny beans. Told me how to put 'em in the ground. Said he'd be back to see how they were coming along. I laughed. These old beans couldn't ever grow, could they? Sure they could, he told me. 'Put 'em in the ground. I'll water 'em for you. You put 'em in the sunshine and we'll see.'

That ol' Jacob Silver he was right. Those funny songs sprouted right up. They're growing bigger and stronger every day.

Come spring, I'm going to climb my beanstalk right up to the sky.

Jake SilverComment