Who's Playin'?

Some say it takes a village. I say it takes the greatest city in the world. A place where if you keep your mind and heart open you'll end up hanging around with some of the most amazing humans to be found anywhere. 
But, the fact is Beanstalk has not been just been a NYC project. Some of the incredible people listed below are roving far and wide and have sent us tracks from wherever they happen to be. 
hen we started this project last year, we never could have anticipated that so many incredible people would drop in to the sessions and drop their talents into it.  
It's truly an honor to have such great players to bring this concept album to life. 
Here's working list of folks who you'll hear playing, singing, and generally having a good time on Beanstalk. 

Jefferson Hamer
Kristin Andreassen
Stephanie Coleman
Robin Macmillan
Jacob Silver
Julia Joseph
Jeff Cubeta
Tami Stronach
Karina Denike
Sam Reider
Mike Merenda
Morgan Price
Tom Ayers

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